11 Amazing Hidden Gems Of Rome, Italy

11 Hidden Gems Of Rome

Rome’s worldwide famous attractions are known to many, but how many people actually know about the secret gems of this alluring city? Here are the 11 hıdden gems of rome!

1-Street Grafitti in Piramide

This door is the most significant spot around the area

Rome perhaps has one of the most bustling and vivid streets in the world. Especially a bit further from downtown, you might stumble upon some marvelous grafitties and street art. Piramide area accommodates the most remarkable art works in Rome. A couple of streets near Gazometre structure abound with unique art works. If you to visit Rome, make sure you pay a brief visit to this memorable spot!

Windows representing the eyes of the homeless

Even the old Pope is here

2-Non-Catholic Cemetery

These meticulously carved statues will leave you in marvel

Who would expect that there is a non-Catholic cemetery in Rome that looks like a fantasy world! This place blew my mind when I checked it out! Without any fore information, I ran into this cemetery on Google Maps and it certainly fulfilled beyond my expectations.

This is a small but a marvelously built non-Catholic graveyard with artisanal tombstones and meticulously built religious statues. As you might expect, there is no entrance fee so feel free to roam as you wish. There are also some benches where you can rest and watch the beautiful view.

Old tombstones…

Small paths in the cemetery are very well-organized

Grave of a young a lady…

All tombstones are very uniquely designed

You might as well take a rest on the benches

3-Small London (Piccolo Londra)

Taken from anamericaninrome.com

Would you like to explore Small London in the city amongst the traditional Roman streets and Italian shops?

Small London also known as “Piccolo London” among locals is a small street in Flaminio district which has houses designed in traditional London style on both sides of the road. This street that was once designed to bring new urban excitement to the city now serves as a hidden gem waiting to be explored more.

4- Tor Marancia Street Art

22 marvelous and unique artworks covering the façades of apartments in the vicinity of Quartiere XX Ardeatino! I found out about this place while I was digging into hidden gems of Rome. Having been located a bit further from the Garbatella vicinity, this area is actually quite calm and peaceful.

Quartiere XX Ardeatino is a residencial area with some beautiful street settings. Upon wandering around, you will be seeing some old Italian grandpa’s chatting and playing chess or some other locals who enjoy their never-ending siestas in parks, small espresso bars.

It is unbelievable to see such cool wall paintings!

Another block with unique art works in it!

5-Parco degli Acquedotti

Remains of aqueducts with sunset in the background

This is a vast park stretched through the suburbs of Rome with well-preserved remains of huge aqueducts which were built during the Roman era. In this day and age, this huge park is a popular spot for locals for dog walking, taking walks, cycling or having picnics. Once you visit Parco degli Acquedotti, you will be seeing many locals but not a lot of tourists. Park has an extensive network of hiking paths so be ready for a picturesque walk!

Reaching there is simple, take the metro in A line and get off either at Lucio Sestio or Giulio Agricola or Subaugusta. These metro stations are located equally far away from the park which is not more than a 10 minute walk.

Park is vast and offers various archeological ruins to its visitors

You see many locals taking walks along the narrow dirt paths covering the park

6-Ruderi di Galeria Antica

Entrance of the city.. Pretty well-preserved isn’t it?

Be ready to meet Ruderi di Galeria Antica: ruins of an ancient town built by the Etruscans hidden inside a forest near River Arrone in Rome Metropolitan Area! Having been deserted for decades, the ruins of this ancient town have been reclaimed by nature!

Ruderi di Galeria Antica is located at a completely isolated place inside woods so it will be very isolated when you visit there. Just you and ancient ruins. I believe, this ancient site is one the most mysterious hidden gems of Rome.

Surprisingly NO ONE KNOWS this breath-taking place. If you dont have a car (like me), it might be a bit cumbersome to reach Ruderi di Galeria Antica. However, I strongly recommend you to add this place to your “to see list””

There are some advanced structures like this one..

One of the most unique spots I have ever been to!

7-Porta Portese

The historical gate

The biggest market in Rome where you can find more or less everything from ancient goods to spare car parts, from books to shoes and from household stuff to clothes…

It stretches from the ancient Roman gate of Porta Portese along Via Portunese. The market is so vast and crowded that you might even get lost. Obviously the prices here are below average. Even if you dont want to buy anything, just walk along the stalls and experience the Roman style outdoors market.

The bustling Sunday crowd in the market


Garbatella with its unique terrain of buildings.

Garbatella is one of the first places comes to mind when one speaks of the authentic & characteristic neighborhoods in Rome. My favorite one among the 11 hidden gems of Rome!

Old beautiful Roman houses, beautiful courtyards, streets abounding with cool artworks and small Italian cafes.. This is a brief summary of Garbatella. In fact, exploring the streets and grabbing some stuff to eat are the ultimate fun things to do in Garbatella.

Yard of an old building

Definitely explore the streets of this authentic neighbourhood

9-Corte Suprema di Cassazione Building

Taken from anamericaninrome.com

The unique enormous building of Supreme Court (Palace of Justice). This building resembles an ancient Roman palace rather than an Italian Governmental building. With its unique style of architecture and meticulous ornaments, the structure stands out even from miles away.

10-Tiber Island

St. Bartholomew’s Church

Tiber Island is a small island located on Tiber River sandwiched between the stylish Trastevere neighborhood and Municipio 1. This cool unpopular spot has a small hospital and a church with remarkable beauties in it.  

What makes this island special? Apart from it’s amazing location and beautiful scenery of Tiber it presents, the small Church of Saint Bartholomew has multiple small chapels inside that are devoted to prominent Christians and priests who were killed in different parts of the world for their beliefs. Personal belongings of the prominent Christian martyrs are displayed in every chapel.

The church itself is adorned with marvelous paintings and meticulously carved statues. Once you visit here you will not be able to take your eyes away from walls.

Belongings of a Christian prominent who was murdered in Asia for his beliefs

Tiber River from the bridge

11-Rome War Cemetery

Tombstones of Commonwealth soldiers

Did you know that within ancient Aurelian walls there are 426 graves of the Commonwealth soldiers who died during the liberation of Rome in 1944? This small but a significant cemetery represents great importance since these soldiers played an gallant role for Rome’s liberation from Axis forces.

Having been located in a remote area, it might he a bit cumbersome to find the entrance of the cemetery so just stick with Google Maps. This cemetery is very tranquil and peaceful so you might as well sit on benches to relax.

The information board which can be seen at the entrance of the cemetery



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