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Archives of the Planet Collection #11

In 1923, photographer Frédéric Gadmer, who worked for the project “Archives of the Planet” (French: Les Archives de la Planète), visited the German town of Krefeld and captured alluring color photos of the country. 

Archives of the Planet was a project initiated by Albert Kahn, a French banker and philanthropist, and it aimed to create “a kind of photographic inventory of the surface of the earth, as it was occupied and organized by men at the beginning of the 20th century.” We may consider it to be an oldschool Google Maps.

Disclaimer: The photos belong to the archives of “Musée Albert-Khan – Département des Hauts-de-Seine”

Separatist with armband and four men / Krefeld / October 1923
Hall of the Town Hall with puddle of blood of a murdered police officer / Krefeld / October 1923
Two German men / Krefeld / October 1923
A view of the promenade from the train station / Krefeld / October 1923
Proclamation of the Republic / Krefeld / October 1923
A public demonstration / Krefeld / October 1923
A poster at the train station / Krefeld / October 1923


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