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Let’s Work Together! welcomes ANYONE to submit their travel, history and food related articles & posts! Every single post recieved will be read and assesed thoroughly! Upon recieving your submissions, I will respond back to you within 24 hours ! I PROMISE 🙂


  • Submitted posts must be in English. Russian and Turkish posts will also be considered.
  • There are no limiations on destination, type of travel, traveler profiles! MY DOOR IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO SPENT EFFORT ON WRITING A TRAVEL ARTICLE AND THE ONES WHO WERE COOL ENOUGH TO TRAVEL!
  • Since FellowPrimo is a recently initiated blog, I am not able to pay to the contributors at the moment . As the site grows, I will be paying to the contributors in return of their efforts.

How To Send Your Articles & Posts

  • LONG PITCHES ARE NOT NECESSARY! Simply send your post in Word file and the visuals via e-mail. I would prefer Google Drive for visuals.
  • If your post is on a website, simply send the URL. And I will do the rest 🙂
  • In e-mail subject please write “Publish Me!” 🙂

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Looking forward to hearing back from you fellow travelers!