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Different spots in the world through my camera…

Rome At Night

Streets, sights, storefronts and street settings of Rome are breathtaking! Walking through the alluring streets and exploring the main sights such as St. Peter’s Square, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Trastevere, Spanish Steps is a marvelous experience! I LOVE YOU ROME! Scroll below for the photos of beautiful Rome! All photos are taken with Samsung S9+ smart phone! The camera of it is dope 🙂

Yerevan – Armenia

Here are some shots from my camera that I took during my trip in Armenia. From mountain monasteries to remote villages, from the back streets of Yerevan to the most popular tourist spots, I have been to tons of places in Armenia. Some of the photos are taken with HUJI app so they are not from 1998 🙂 Enjoy folks!

Chernobyl & Pripyat: The Ghost Cities

Here are bunch of photos of one of the spookiest and most haunted places on earth’s surface: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone! Yeah I got some radiation in excessive amount however this day trip was the most unforgettable one I have ever had so far! Check it out to see what has remained from 1986 Soviet Era! Moreover, to read the travel diary simply click the photo on the right 🙂

Ruderi Di Galeria Antica

Here are some shots from that I took while exploring the abandoned ghost town of Ruderi di Galeria Antica near Rome.

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